MTMW Conference Proposal Submission Form

The submission deadline is 16 January .

See the Call for Papers for further information about the conference and proposals

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Equipment needs or other special requests:

All rooms will be equipped with a grand piano, a digital projector, and an audio system with laptop, iPod, and CD/DVD playback capability. Please indicate any additional equipment needs or other special requests below. We will try to accommodate all requests as far as may be possible.

Instructions for Proposals:

The proposal should be no more than 500 words. Supplementary materials, such as musical examples, diagrams, and bibliography may be included but should not exceed four additional pages.

To ensure readability, proposals must be submitted as PDF files; no other file formats will be accepted. The proposal and any supplementary pages should be integrated into a single PDF file (here is a site where you can merge separate PDF files into a single document: Authors are responsible for producing files that will display and print clearly, and for ensuring that the files contain no indication of authorship (including file names and metadata; go here for help). Questions can be directed to the program committee chair, Andrew Pau.

Attach Proposal in PDF format:

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After submitting your proposal, you should be taken to an acknowledgment screen. If you do not see the acknowledgment, contact the committee chair to verify that your proposal has been successfully submitted.

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